Pop Culture Artifact

Select at least two popular culture artifacts (related to violence)  and research how their messages have changed over time. These will be the specific illustrative examples you use to discuss how your artifact is conveyed.

You may include the popular culture artifact you used in last week’s discussion. You may also use any of the items posted in Doc Sharing, or you may find new ones. No matter which artifacts you choose, make sure you have full access to them so you can study them over time. For example, if you select a movie, make sure you can watch and rewatch it.

To prepare, research the history of your popular culture artifact over time. This time period should be at least 50 years but may be longer. Consider the following:

  • How has the audience changed over time in relation to your popular culture artifact categories?
  • How have the popular culture artifact categories either reflected or opposed the audience change?
  • If the audience has changed over time with regard to one of the popular culture artifact categories, describe the new audience.
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