Explain The Different Stereotyping Relating To The Hispanic Culture

Group project

Each member will select a current event (within the past 3 years) to draw from for her/his portion of the presentation in order to analyze the social scenario featured in the event. As such, students should present their current events with attention to the social scenario(s) taking place in it, followed by analytical commentary that addresses the relevant, appropriately provocative issues about your scenario. A description of the event and how it is related to the social psychology should be included.
The idea here is that you’ll present an overview of a social psych concept, then each group member will discuss an example of how this has played out in a current event/social scenario in order to explore the material in a real world application.

My contribution (2-3 slides)

A 1.5 pages (three paragraphs) covering different stereotyping relating to the Hispanic culture, with the focus on Mexico and those affected as it pertains to coming to America and the role it plays in America politics.

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