Popular Culture Artifacts

Last week you researched the history of your popular culture artifacts (Music). You also examined the audience for your popular culture artifacts and how each affected the other. This week you look at how access to popular culture affects society.

  • Consider the following:
    • How does the distribution mechanism (of music) control the issues addressed in the artifacts’ content?
    • Determine who controls the distribution of your chosen popular culture elements.
    • In what ways does the controller of distribution affect the shared experience of the audience and community? Keep in mind that a community may be local, regional, national, or global. Be specific in your discussion.

Submit a 400- to 500-word essay that addresses these questions as they relate to your chosen popular culture artifacts. Be sure to include:

  • At least one student-contributed resource from Doc Sharing (song – Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars )
  • At least two other academically relevant sources. The Course Readings List, found in the Syllabus of the course navigation menu, will be helpful, as will the required and alternate resources listed here
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