Benefits of Modern Science

Modern science presents may issue concerning human life. Leon Kass confronts the issue of immortality and prolonged life in his article, entitled Why Not Immortality? Those involved in science hold the position that this could only benefit mankind. Kass, however, realizes the dangers involved in science”s position. He uses his article as a means of educating his readers on the possible problems, or at least to help them to think for themselves about the issue. Throughout the article, Kass poses questions, which will provoke his reader to think seriously about the so-called benefits of modern science. The fundamental question of the article seeks to understand whether longer life is truly an unqualified good (Kass, pp. 323).

Kass” article begins by looking at the specific “cures” that modern science is working on. There are three particular areas of scientific development that he deals with the article. Firstly, he addresses the use of anti-aging cures, which are known as human growth hormones. Many people are currently using these hormones to help maintain their youthful vigor. Kass reports that, in a short time, these cures will become more affordable, allowing more individuals to take advantage of them. For those, who are more concerned with having new parts altogether; stem-cell research and cloning are working on their side. Thanks to these two areas of science, people can someday have the opportunity to replace old, unsuitable, worn-out body parts with freshly made ones. If this were possible, taking care of one”s lungs, liver or kidneys would be more of a financial matter than a matter of health. It is suggested that one other thing could stand in the way of a prolonged life. Scientists are currently researching the genetic “switches” that cause a person to age at the rate that they do. Once they discover, which genes are to blame, they can alter them to allow for prolonged life.

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