Breastfeeding: Detested In Our Modern Culture

I watch as a young woman sits peacefully in the local park with her newly born infant in her arms. She casually unbuttons her shirt and reveals her breast, while gently urging the baby to nurse. At the same time, two women walk by and are seemingly shocked at the “barbaric” display they had just witnessed. Saying such things as ” I would never do that in public” as the other woman replies “Yeah, that’s what bottles are for.” Little do these women know that this young woman is doing the best for her child in choosing to breastfeed rather than bottle feed. Breast milk is the most nourishing form of infant food on the market, it allows for stronger bonding between mother and child, and to top it all of it’s free.

It’s amazing to think that the most natural way to feed a baby has become so detested in our modern culture. The public has completely ignored the God-given purpose of breasts (nursing) and instead put the emphasis of breasts on their sexual appeal (Pryor 143). Reinforcing this, are all the magazine articles, books, and television shows that are about breast and sex. The sensual view that society has toward the breast directly influences for what reasons they are used, and if they are used for nursing at all. It is obvious that the majority of woman believe the usage of their breast is for sex when less than six in ten mothers choose to breastfeed in this country (Winthrop 16). Because society has taken this negative view towards the breasts as a mothers tool, more and more women feel ashamed to nurse, especially in public. This leads ultimately to the use of the bottle in order to feed infants. Ironically the bottle becomes a sign of wealth and status and breastfeeding a sign of base vulgarity (Berg 10).

Just because people choose to ignore the truth, it does not make the truth any less; breastfeeding is still the most nourishing form of infant feeding around (Hinton 3).

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