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Mixed methods have become a modern methodology for conducting research that is being used at a large scale nowadays. According to Creswell, & Clark (2017), this method of research involves incorporating more than one method of research be it either qualitative or quantitative methods. In mixed methods, there are generally four popular methods that are used which are explanatory, exploratory, triangulation and parallel methods. Before beginning any study on a particular topic as a researcher, it is recommendable to decide whether to use the mix methods or not depending on the information and data required. In our discussion today we are going to look at some of the times and situations where we can use the mixed methods and when to use just a specific method (Hesse-Biber, 2010).  My research topic is that of the color psychology of red, and it is critical to determine whether to use the qualitative method, quantitative method or a mix of both methods.

When and why mixed methods should be used in a research proposal

In my initial post of discussion, I had selected the topic of the color psychology of red. The research proposal on the topic can also take the route of the mixed methods whereby I can use both the qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to tackle the research proposal. In the application of the scientific method in any research, paper one is expected to observe, measure, experiment, formulate, test and modify a hypothesis that will guide and give the researcher the information required to develop a research paper (McCuskey, & Gunaydin, 2015). In my topic about the color psychology of red, the scientific method is appropriate and vital to some extent. While using it, the first thing I would do is first observe what people perceive the color and what it means to them. After that, the next step would be interacting with the people through interviews and questionnaires to collect information and data necessary for the completion of the research paper. Lastly would be to compile the data to generate a hypothesis for the article.

A quantitative method involves the incorporation of all the quantities in a research study to come up with a model for the study. On the other hand, qualitative analysis consists of the identification of the constituents of a study to facilitate its completion. Basing on these characteristics the most appropriate method to conduct my research proposal on the color psychology of red would be the incorporation of both the qualitative and quantitative research methods (Hesse-Biber, 2010). This is because my research topic requires the evaluation of the quantities regarding numbers and figures and also requires the identification of the constituents of the study. However even with the usage of both the qualitative and quantitative methods one of them is more dominant than the other. The more dominant of the two according to my research topic is the quantitative research methods. One of the quantitative methods in my study would be that of the posttest analysis which involves analyzing the results after conducting the study. To get results on how people perceive the color red a researcher must, first of all, collect information randomly and then table all the data collected (Sheperis, Young, & Daniels, 2016). After this, the vital information is classified using the quantitative method to get the essential data for the study.

The qualitative research method on the other side is not very dominant though it has some lesser aspects in my study. Incorporation of the qualitative research design for my paper is not just to please the editors, but without it, I don’t think that my study would have come to a completion. To justify this one of the qualitative research design is that of the ethnography research method. It involves the description that describes a people’s customs, beliefs and behaviors that they hold and belief. This is very vital in my research topic since different groups of people have different perceptions regarding the color psychology of red. Although with this method not much details can be obtained about the research topic the few details that it provides are very essential for the topic. Therefore for my research study, the best research method to use is the mix of both the qualitative and quantitative research methods.


In research studies following a specific route, either the qualitative or quantitative research design can be the most recommendable course to take. This is because by using one research method the probability of obtaining some finessed outcome which is more accurate. However, it is also important to note that some items may be left out in case of the use of one method. There are those parts that the qualitative method covers which the quantitative method cannot. Therefore we can conclude and say that the usage of the mixed methods is the best since it leaves no stones unturned though one of them must be more dominant than the other depending on the research topic.

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