Public Health Discussion (Implications Of Tele-Health)

1 page APA not including min 3 references

Tele-health systems seek to conduct clinical processes remotely. Specifically, telephone triage systems provide professional health advice to callers and generate surveillance data for public health practitioners. One of the largest telephone triage systems, NHS Direct, handles an estimated 7 million calls a year (Cooper, 2007). It has provided UK public health professionals with vital information in detecting early warning signs of disease outbreaks.

To prepare  Consider the benefits of tele-health for data gathering as well as its impact on public health disease surveillance. Select two strategies and/or technological tools that could be used to improve tele-health systems.

Post a brief description of the two strategies and/or technological tools you selected. Justify your selections and explain how they would improve tele-health systems. Briefly describe any potential difficulty in adopting the strategy or tool.

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