Discuss at least two implications of health care reform

Discuss at least two implications of health care reform

Discuss at least two implications of health care reform

HCA 610 Module 1 DQ 1 Discuss at least two implications of health care reform on the health care organization’s goals and strategic plan. How will processes and operations need to be adjusted to meet the requirements of health care reform legislation?

HCA 610 Module 1 DQ 1

Implications of health care reform on the health care organization’s goals and strategic plan include financial limitations and technological changes. Processes will need to be adjusted to meet requirements of health care reform legislation by assessing the impact that technological implementations will incur.

Health care reform has implications for medical provision, costs and personal health care. Medical insurance is essential for all citizens, who have the option of a public plan and various private options from which to choose. This choice impacts the goals and strategic plan, because the health care provider organization must cater for different levels of service provision. Health care reform legislation relates to medical provision and if this does not meet legislative requirements, processes and operations will need to be adjusted so as to comply with legal requirements.

The health care organization’s goals and strategic plan can be effected by different circumstances, whether they are internal or external. For example, if the healthcare organization engages in a merger or acquisition with another small organization, this can affect the goals and strategic plan of the organization because their will be more resources available after a merger or aquisition that can help better achive their goals and meet their objectives. In terms of processes and operations, an organization would need to adjust after a merger is aquisition has taken place to make sure that they are meeting all regulations and laws of the agencies they answer to such as HIPAA.

As health care reform changes the way hospitals and other health care organizations do business, it will be imperative that our hospital adjusts to these changes to not only meet the requirements of health care reform legislation but also stay competitive in this changing market.

Change is upon us. Health care reform has brought with it not only change, but also new challenges and opportunities to health care organizations. Our goal is to help our clients meet these challenges and maximize their opportunities by providing the best advice and services possible. Our strategic planning process will continue to use multi-disciplinary teams to assess our clients’ individual needs and build customized strategies for success. We are committed to continually improving our processes and operations with a focus on delivering high quality, value added services efficiently.

Individuals will have more access to health insurance coverage as health care reform is passed in the United States. This means that VU Medical Center, like many other hospitals across the country, will have to prepare for a significant influx of patients who previously lacked insurance and couldn’t afford professional healthcare. The hospital’s strategic plan will need to be tweaked to account for any future increases in patient load. Additional physicians and nurses, as well as additional tools like ultrasound machines and other diagnostic equipment, may be required.

Health Care Organisation is a not-for-profit corporation that has provided health care in the local community for more than 60 years. Our Mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective health care services to our community by focusing on long term strategic relationships with valued customers and a service philosophy that values both the customer and patient needs. To support these goals, we have implemented a number of strategies including: building an electronic patient record system, developing an employee incentive system based on the quality of services provided to patients, aligning our business activity with the latest national accreditation standards, and building alliances with well known research organizations in order to reduce health care costs and improve quality of life in our community.

Healthcare reform has multiple implications on the healthcare industry. One of the most important is cost reduction which can be reached trough a variety of ways such as better use of technology, elimination of fraud and waste in the system, changing provider behavior etc. Also another prominent aspect is to improve quality and patient safety by setting standards and rating methods.

The United States health care system is more decentralized than health care systems in other industrialized countries. This decentralization is due to the fact that most services are financed and paid for by third-party payers and providers, such as private insurance companies and employers…

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