Nurse Educators Establishing New Venues in Global Nursing Education

Nurses represent the largest number of health care workers worldwide, but they are currently underutilized for global health practices. This may be due to the fact that global health programs are not incorporated into nursing education in many countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the importance of building capacity and having well-prepared nurses who are able to exchange knowledge and expertise worldwide but did not offer practical solutions. A nursing Super course recognizes the gap between what WHO advocates for and what needs to be done in nursing education to achieve well-prepared nurses. A solution suggested is to develop well-structured contents that are applicable and can be shared among nursing programs worldwide. A nursing Supercourse is proposed to provide lectures prepared by expert nursing educators and researchers in global health. The nursing Supercourse has emerged from the parent Supercourse that is a virtual library of lectures developed by world experts in public health and medicine. It represents a global library of over 4,300 public health and medical lectures and a network of over 56,000 public health professionals in 174 countries of the world. These lectures are written in different languages, prepared in an easy format, and can be accessed through the internet. In other words, does not require the use of any advanced technology. The Supercourse educational technology has been used successfully in Epidemiology education focusing on multiple topics in public health such as non- communicable disease prevention (NCD), chronic diseases, disaster preparedness, environmental health, and others. Training of nursing students in global health, while there are attending nursing programs, needs to be a part of the national and international health efforts for disease prevention and health promotion.

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