Nontraditional Students PowerPoint Presentation

create a 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentation  (  at least 15 slides  ) discussing their topic using published literature.

In addition to creating the PowerPoint slides write a script narration of each slide, explain each of these bullet points and what they mean.  be sure to explain the background, history, and concepts behind their topic.

you are encouraged to incorporate short demonstrations, videos, and examples into the presentation.

Within the presentations, students should also cite at least 3 primary research articles that were published within the past 10 years.

All references should come from peer-reviewed journal articles and references should be cited using APA format.

– use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the presentations (attached file)

–  Slides should be eye-catching, easy to read from a distance, and a summary of the points you are making.

– The last slide of your presentation should include the minimum of three sources from scientific, peer-reviewed journals that you used, cited in APA format.

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