Development of Students Brain

Developing Both Sides of the Student Brain.

For years Americans have tried to better their educational system, but they have seen little improvement in the students thinking ability. Contrary to many traditional forms of teaching, students would learn much more from ambidexterity and memory classes, and from being taught not to get “stuck” in daily routines that limit their thinking. Consquently, students would be able to adequately deal with everyday problems by having a more balanced and open mind. Therefore, it is obvious that we must introduce these classes to encourage students to develop both sides of their brain more fully.

Ambidexterity is the ability to use both your hands with equal ease. Although many students are taught to write in preschool or kindergarten, they are only taught to write with either their right or left hand. If ambidexterity classes were taught at the age of four of five, teachers would see students improve their thinking ability because both sides of their brain are being use equally (Coon). Also, Melvin D. Saunders, author of The 100% Brain Course suggest that, “.being able to use both hands exercises the brain and the more we exercise the brain the more it physically grows” (17). Futhermore, Saunders” studies have shown that ambidextrous people are more emotionally independent, more determined, more adaptable to new situations, and more apt to handle problems without giving up (23). Educators may argue that ambidexterity classes are impractical, but in many cases it is the impractical techniques that humans learn the most from.

Memory classes would also improve thinking by helping students retain what they learn. Those who oppose memory classes argue that studying retains material learned, but many students fail to study until the night before a test or quiz. One technique that Melvin Saunders suggest is:.

At the end of every daily hour, review what happened to you during the previous 60 minutes.

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