Key Parts of Empirical Articles

Using the information from this unit’s introduction, the text readings, and the annotated bibliography pages from the Capella Writing Center, prepare an annotated summary for each of the empirical studies that you located in this unit. This will serve as the start of a complete annotated bibliography, if you choose to create one. An annotated bibliography is a recommended, not required, step toward developing a high-quality literature review.

Prepare two annotated bibliography entries for this discussion. Your annotation will be similar to, but most likely briefer than, the study’s abstract. Summarize the material in your own words, not direct quotes. For each entry, briefly describe the following elements:

  • The approach used, either qualitative or quantitative.
  • The specific research design used.
  • The purpose of the study.
  • How the sample was selected.
  • The research question or the hypothesis (if it is the quantitative study).
  • The instrumentation used.
  • The cultural issues that are relevant to the study.
  • The data analysis procedure used (statistics if it is a quantitative study; a method for analyzing narrative if it is a qualitative study).
  • The general findings.

The suggested length for this post is 400–500 words.

My Topic for the pre-proposal assignment is :

The effects of exercise on cognitive functioning

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