An Article on Implantation of Animal Parts For Medical Cures

At the beginning of the article, it mainly talked about a woman who had a
stroke and was paralyzed on the entire left side of your body. No one ever expected her to
ever walk again. Two years later she not only walks but runs for short distances. Her only
lingering impairment is a paralyzed hand. It”s hard to say exactly what happened for the
near full recovery, but a year ago this women this women had two holes drilled into
her head, and injected fetal- pigs cells (about 80 million of them- into her brain).
By doing this the cells have taken root and formed connections with her own surviving.
neurons, reversing much of the damage caused by the stroke.
The idea of putting pig parts in people is not a new idea. Doctors have long.
used porcine heart valves and hormones in people. But the advent of fetal-cell research,
the practice has reached a whole new level. Today, researches are testing fetal pigs cells.
as a treatment for a range of brain conditions. These brain conditions also include
Parkinson”s disease, Huntington”s disease, epilepsy, and even chronic pain. Only a few dozen
patients have received brain cells from fetal pigs. And also during the few past.
weeks, scientists have reported disappointing results with both approaches.
This year 53,000 of the year 75,000 Americans who might benefit from a
transplant will die waiting for a donor. Transplantable pig organs could generate.
billions for biotech while extending thousands of lives.
In conclusion, I feel that using pig parts to extend a person’s life isn’t as bad
as some people think. But I think that some people die while waiting for transplants.
when others experiment with these pig cells. Only time will tell whether or not this is a
good idea to have this operation or not. But one way I feel that you can save more lives.
for less money is to improve access to basic health care. I imagine that these operations.
are not cheap to come by and the waiting list for these is probably long.

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