Individual Success Plan

Planning is the key to successful completion of this course and your   overall program of study. The Individual Success Plan (ISP) assignment   requires early collaboration with the course faculty and your course   mentor. You will need to establish a plan for successful completion of

(1) deliverables associated with weekly course objectives,

(2) required practice immersion hours, and

(3) deliverables associated   with your capstone project.

Access the “Individual Success Plan” resource in the Topic   Materials. Read the information in the resource, including student   expectations and instructions for completing the ISP document.

Use the “Individual Success Plan” to develop a personal   plan for completing your practice hours and how topic objectives will   be met. Include the number of hours you plan to set aside to meet your goals.

A combination of 100 supervised clinical hours in community health   and leadership areas will be obtained through the application of the   objectives listed in the Guidelines for Undergraduate Field   Experiences manual.

Practicum immersion experiences are required in a community health   setting. Community-based settings should encourage community   integration and involvement; expand accessibility of services and   supports; promote personal preference, strengths, dignity; and empower   people to participate in the economic mainstream.

According to, educational and community-based   programs and strategies are designed to reach people outside of   traditional health care settings. These settings may include schools,   worksites, health care facilities, and communities. Community health   and leadership practice immersion can occur in the same site and in   conjunction with the evidence-based project in the NRS-490 course.

If you are a registered nurse in Washington, your practicum   experience must include a minimum of 50 hours in a community health setting.

Students should apply concepts from prior courses to critically   examine and improve their current practice. Students should also   integrate scholarly readings to develop case reports that demonstrate   increasingly complex and proficient practice.

Consider the challenges you expect to encounter as you continue the   practice hour and competency requirements throughout this course. How   might you overcome these challenges?

You can renegotiate these deliverables with your faculty and mentor   throughout this course and update your ISP accordingly.

Once your ISP has been developed and accepted by your course   faculty, you will have your course mentor sign it at the beginning of,   and upon completion of, each assignment that incorporates practice   immersion hours. You will track all course practice immersion hours in   the ISP

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