Hotel Industry On The Facilities Management

1500 words, APA style

Write a Property Case in the Hotel Industry on the facilities management.
The paper have to write the facilities management implications that can improve the operation, service, security or others. You should discuss the issues of the property as well as present the types of impact that you might expect or consider with each issue. In this paper, you could take several ways, which could include how best to address each issue.

This paper must consider 2 sources

Consider and discuss how any of these would impact: maintenance of building, service related impacts from a staff or guest perspective, impacts on costs, impacts on sustainability/green, or any other facilities related impact.

Introduction check lists

  • Age of property
  • Location of property
  • Style and services offered by the property
  • Height of building
  • Size of property
  • Amenities & services offered by the property
  • Unique features of the property and how that would impact facilities
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