Defining Beauty

Thesis: Beauty in today”s society is perceived in terms of one”s size and complexion.

The notion of beauty in today”s society has been misconstrued to mean slim bodies. This misguided notion has been propagated by beauty pageants and the modeling industry. Today”s beauty queens and models are required to be slim. This ultimate glorification of slim-built ladies has resulted in the proliferation of health clubs and health stores across America. In recent years, thousands of people have starved themselves in an attempt to maintain a certain weight. Others have indulged in extreme diets that require the use of harmful products such as Phen-Phen and the abuse of laxatives. The demise is graphically depicted in the movie “Nutty Professor.” In this movie, Eddy Murphy plays the role of an over-weight professor who spends countless hours in the laboratory trying to develop a cure for his obesity. In the end, he finds out that everybody is beautiful in his or her own way and that beauty comes from within. Though efforts have been concentrated at redefining society”s perception of beauty, a lot has to be done.

Besides size, society also perceives beauty in terms of one”s complexion. In today”s society, people with a fair complexion have been considered more beautiful than their darker counterparts. This misguided notion transcends from the belief that white is superior. Ironically, some African Americans have bought into the ultimate supremacy of the white race. A classic example is Michael Jackson, a very famous African American pop star, who has undergone numerous medical procedures with the aim of changing his skin color. In addition to the above, people of fair complexion are awarded preferential treatment. Exemplifying the above is the role allocation within the movie industry. Better roles are given to whites or people of fair complexion. In the Martin Lawrence Show, Gena plays the glorious role of Martin”s wife while her dark-skinned counterpart plays the role of a trouble finder.

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