Defining And Measuring Quality In Health Care Organizations

As stated above, Quality is multidimensional and involves the perspectives of various stakeholders, including patients and families.

As noted in this week’s Learning Resources, defining quality is not a simple, straightforward task.

Yet, it provides an essential foundation for being able to measure and assess quality, and, ultimately, to improve it.

In this Discussion, you consider definitions and measurements of quality.

As you proceed, think about why it is important for organizations to be able to quantify quality and compare current performance to previous performance, to a set of standards, and/or to performance in other organizations.

By Day 3:  Post a definition of quality for your selected organization.

  1. Describe at least one quality-related measure that is currently being monitored within the organization.
  2. Summarize the data collection process for this measure, and explain how this information is communicated to or among the staff.
  3. Identify at least one strength and one weakness related to how quality is defined, measured, and/or monitored within the organization.
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