Why People Abuse Drugs

The need to solve the “drug problem” has been a reoccurring theme of political and social commentary in the United States for most of the past decade. The increase in drug use has begun a serious investigation into its causes, a massive investment of efforts to contain it, and a mobilization of medical and par- medical resources to treat its victims. Why do people abuse drugs? Many people continually use drugs because they want a pleasurable change in their state of mind. This pleasurable change may range from a “mild” lift to an increased psychoactive effect. People use such drugs as alcohol and weed to gain a sense of well- being. A number of people start to experiment with drugs out of curiosity, for the thrill, as an expression of rebellion, or because their friends do it. On the other hand, others use drugs to escape depression or other personal problems. But regardless of why drug use began, large numbers of people continue the practice because they become dependent on a drug. A document from the Department of Health and Human Services says the use of drugs has declined dramatically since the 1970″s and 1980″s when drug use was at its peak level. The use of drugs has declined in the percentage of eighteenth, and twelfth graders who believed there was a “great risk” in trying drugs. But in 1994, the use of drugs increased and the Department of Health and Human Services stepped up to try to help our parents protect their children from the resurgence of drugs.The government is doing everything to let parents know about drug abuse, but it is ultimately up to the users. The Gov. cannot change children”s behavior or anybody else”s.In schools, there is even a bigger problem. The states have created an educational program against drug abuse for the public school system and some authorities claim that.

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