What is a concussion?

1. What is a concussion?

2. What are the signs/symptoms of concussion (physical/sleep/cognitive/mood)?
3. What testing is done to diagnose a concussion?
4. What are danger signs/symptoms of a concussion?

5. What Steps Should My Child Take to Feel Better?

6. What is Post-Concussive Syndrome
Define the following terms:
1. Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS):
2. Acute Concussion Evaluation Tool (ACE):
3. Amnesia:
4. Tonic/clonic seizure:
5. Absence Seizure:

1. What characteristics/factors predispose a child to physical abuse?

2. What categories is abuse subdivided into?

3. What are the signs and symptoms of physical abuse?

4. What is act 31?

5. What is the nurse’s responsibility when physical abuse is suspected?

Define the following terms:

1. Physical abuse

2. Emotional abuse

3. Neglect

4. Acts of Commission (Child Abuse)

5. Acts of Omission (Child Neglect)

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