Organic Food: Types and Benefits

Organic Food: Types and Benefits

What do you mean by organic? (Why is organic important for both moms and kids?)

In today’s adultered world, nothing is pure. Everything has some adulteration and it is all done to increase the quantity and make more money. Thereby it also reduces the quality of the food and the things that we consume. Everything has now been grown in the inorganic way. Ether with more medicines or artificially grown with some scientific processes. These processes take away the essential vitamins from the food, leaving it hollow with very less or no nutrients in it. The health is lost and the wealth is made. This is what is followed in the present generation. Health is not considered and not valued.

The adulteration and the artificial world:

Over the past few years, there has been a great demand for organic food. Though, it is quite costlier when compared to the other one, it is always preferred by the ones who are health conscious. The food industry has grown to some extent with this demand of the organic food and the products. People are demanding more of organic food. The inorganic ones damage the food and takes away the energy from and also pollute the environment. The health of the one who consumes it also gets affected. There are more number of diseases today than there were decades back. There are more people in the hospital than in the wedding receptions. The doctors are making more money than the engineers could make throughout the year. It is all because the food that we eat is not organic, and it is not pure at all. It is filled with pesticides and grown up in artificial climatic condition with fertilizers. It causes more damage to the health and the environment.

Organic food- healthiest:

Therefore, recently it is considered that the organic food is healthy, strong, and nutritious. It is preferred over the local and the inorganic ones. There is not much research done on this. And the few researches which were done for comparing the organic and the inorganic food show that the organic foods are always healthier and nutritious. They are always in better quality, though not in quantity. There are many researches that are going on in order to prove the same. But a final conclusion is yet to be out. More importantly, these foods should not be given to the kids and toddlers. Since they have a fast developing body, they need more nutrients vitamins and minerals. Even if they eat very little, they should try to consume nutritious food. Children might not know much about the differences between these two.

They would always prefer junk over the healthy and the nutritious food. It is because the junk always looks attractive and therefore grabs attention with its bright colored food. They have preservatives in them, they also have chemicals that make you get addicted to such foods. Therefore, it is important to keep the children away from such food. The more they are away from such junk food; the more they will live a healthy life. Children might become fussy over this issue, but try to handle the situation wisely and make them understand that it is not healthy and good for the growth of their body and mind.

Organic food is important for adults too, especially for moms:

Including the children, it is also better for the mothers to stay away from these junk. The inorganic food will only make you feel full. You will keep gaining weight and you will have an unhealthy lifestyle. In order to take care of your child, you need to be strong and healthy first. Remember kids imitate very well. So, whatever you eat, they will also adopt the same. When you are into junk food, chances are more that the child will also follow your footstep and will prefer eating junk food over the healthier ones.

Organic food and the natural cultivation processes:

The processes food that you get in the market are packed in bright colored papers and wrappers. They attract people with their advertisements and make false statements that they are healthy and are packed with nutrients and energy. But it is not true. The packed ready-made foods are high in sugar, sodium and also saturated fats. They have very low nutrients and minerals. Therefore, they are the main reason behind the many serious health issues. Weight gain is also one such problem that you get when you consume more of junk food. Other various health problems include diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. As already mentioned above, these junk and the ready-made instant food have many artificial preservatives that are bad for health. The flavour enhancers are also added and also a number of chemicals are also included in the ingredients while preparing the food. These ingredients cause a very bad effect on the body and cause serious health problems either immediately after consuming or later in life.

Organic food – without any artificiality:

The inorganic foods are always grown with a number of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and also many growth hormones are also added to the food grown. The organic foods are grown in natural climatic condition and in the natural environment without any fertilizers and pesticides. Natural farming of the crop is adopted while making the organic food. The result of this is that, there is no side effect either to the environment and nor to the people who consume it. Rather, people who consume organic food are way healthier and live a longer life with an increased life span. So, if you wish to live a life of crow, or the elephants, the start eating organic food. Set up your own farm. You can make it in your own kitchen yard. You can start with some small plants and later can expand with the need. You will gradually change your body system and will become healthier and happier. As they say, healthy life is a happy life.

You can stay away from the genetically modified food and can also shed the flabs by not consuming them. You will eventually look physically modified, with no flabs and heavy hips and people would start thinking that it is artificially dones. You can anyway tell them later that it is all the effect of the natural food that you consume.

Advantage of consuming the organic food:

This is for both moms and kids. The moms need more energy in order to run behind the children and keeping self on the toes. The kids need more energy in order to keep running in front of the mom and keep her on her toes. Therefore, it is equally important for moms and also the kids to eat healthy and nutritious food. They would complement each other in life by keeping each other healthy and strong.

  • The organic food is grown and cultivated with all the natural methods such as the crop rotation, plantation, composition, stimulating bio diversity etc.
  • It is all done by the farmers and no machinery is being used for the process of cultivation.
  • There are no pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc. in the crops that are grown.
  • Artificial colouring agent, taste enhancers, artificial preservatives are all not used in this.
  • They are healthy, nutritious and are packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • They increase the health and thereby increase the life span.
  • The children are healthier and stronger when they consume the organic food.
  • There is no risk of any health issues in life now and after.
  • The immune system is built with this and the resistance power is also increased.
  • Absence of all the artificial agents makes the organic food healthier, stronger and safer.
  • The environment is also protected without any pollution.

Thus, there are many more reasons that can be listed out here in order to show how important and how safe it is to consume the organic food over the inorganic ones. It is still not late. It is better to late than to never. You can start right away and right now. Give up all the bad habits of eating junk. Your child will follow the same. Start eating healthy food. Go to the market and buy only organic food. It is ok if you had to spend some extra bucks. But your health and your baby’s health are more important. It makes no sense when you spend less on eating and spend more on treating. You will eventually end up spending all the savings at the hospital. Therefore, understand this and make people around you also understand it. Make your baby eat only organic food. You can also use the help of the internet to boost yourself and to know more about the organic food. You can try various recipes that are given on the internet, especially for the toddlers. Your child will definitely love it. In fact, not only the child, but you will also love it. Last but not the least, everyone should follow the quote that, “Healthy living is a happy living”.


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