Transforming Nursing And Healthcare Through Technology

Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records  are at the center stage of the effort to improve health care quality and control costs. In addition to allowing medical practitioners to access and record clinical documentation at much faster rates,Electronic health records are also positively influencing care delivery and nurse-patient interaction. Yet despite the potential benefits of Electronic health records their implementation can be a formidable task that has broad-reaching implications for an entire health care organization.

In this Discussion, you appraise strategies for obtaining the benefits and overcoming the challenges of implementing and using electronic health records.

To prepare

Review the implementation of  Electronic health records in an organization. Reflect on the various approaches used.

If applicable, consider your own experiences with implementing  Electronic health records .

  • What were some positive aspects of the implementation?
  • What suggestions would you make to improve the process?

Reflect on the reactions of others during the implementation process. Were concerns handled effectively?

If you have not had any experiences with an Electronic health records implementation, talk to someone who has and get his or her feedback on the experience.

Search and indicate examples of effective and poor implementation of Electronic health records

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