The Two Sides of Power

            Power itself contains two sides, depending on the individual who possesses it. Power is like a plague, very contagious. Power in the right hands creates freedom, peace, and fairness. Power in the wrong hands induces despotism, tyranny, and persecution. In the novel “Kindred”, composed by Octavia Butler, power corrupted characters constantly. Power corrupts human emotions and turns friends into foes. Power leads an individual to feel very superior. Most of the times possessing the power can destroy the freedom of others. Power corrupts human feelings. Whenever an individual achieves the power, he/she becomes a different person. Rufus, the main character in the novel, possessed the power after his father’s death. He became very possessive, even to Dana. The first time when Rufus met Dana he had a good reputation and liked her very much. Later on, as he became mature and powerful his platonic love for Dana changed to possessive love. He became very jealous of Kevin and was eager to destroy him. Whenever Dana asked if he had received a response from Kevin, he would deny it. That did not last long, she soon found out that Rufus betrayed her. Power can corrupt human emotions entirely. Power can turn allies into enemies. Friendship can last for a long time but can easily be broken. Alice and Rufus were friends since childhood. Later Alice fell in love with Isaac, but Rufus did not like it because he loved Alice too. He attempted to destroy him but they both ran away from the Weylin plantation. A few days later they were caught, whipped and beaten by dogs. Rufus took Alice back to the plantation and healed her with Dana’s help, on the other hand, Isaac was being sold to a place where Alice cannot see him. As soon as Alice heard this dreadful news, she collapsed. From that moment on she disliked Rufus more than anything else in the world. Power can corrupt a good friendship. Power satisfies a need to feel superior.

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