The True Meaning of Human Illusions

Unfortunately, the majority of the time, we are unable to uncover their true meaning. This does not mean that our precious visionary images have no answer or meaning and that they make no sense.

Our illusions are based and composed with the daily interaction that we have with our culture, personal pre-occupations and daily experiences that sometimes are hard to believe. These are constantly reflected throughout our lives in a way that we might not be able to notice. An illusion is defined in the Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia as “a false sensory perception of an actual stimulus” (Encarta, par.1). This article is convincing us that most of our mental images are in a form of basically interrupted stories that are made up part of our memories and full of frequent scenes from what we encountered in our daily vitality. They can also have an integration of parts from our emotions that are constantly present in them, if we feel depressed, in harmony or loneliness. In psychological terms, illusions are considered to be a very natural process and necessary rather than being confined as abnormal, which are sometimes known as passive illusions. This means that our mind plays with our optical visibility by projecting strange figures with continuous persistence which are usually based on our habits, attitudes and unconscious.


motivations. These usual visionary spectrums are described in The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology in an article written by B. R. Bugelski as:.

A faint and fleeting, undetailed, and partial, but some people report having vivid, detailed images. Presumably, people differ in the strength of their imagery, and certainly, the difference in scores attained on various sensitive areas. (210).

This brief explanation tells us that our illusions are now known to be an undetermined amount of unreal images presented to the bodily of our mental vision, which is also to be a comprehension of a deceptive appearance or a false show.

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