The Relationship between the Body and Mind

     Are body and mind one and the same or are they two different entities that in a sense inhabit the same space? This is a philosophical question that no doubt many have tried to come up with an answer to. The mind is the center of our whole being. Our mind helps us to understand the world around us, as well as the person we are inside. The mind is our subconscious and conscious desires all wrapped up in one neat little package. Our mind is our hopes and our dreams that push us forward in life and gives us the purpose for our actions in everyday life. The mind also helps us to define and understand our body, which is one of the most complex things in the universe. Our body is one of the most fascinating works of art known to man. It works continuously and smoothly in coordination with all its parts. Afterall, if our lungs stopped breathing in oxygen then our organs especially the heart would quickly die of asphyxiation due to loss of oxygenated blood. Everything in our body has to work together in union in order to function properly. Our body is what allows us to do everything we do. Without a body, we would be unable to walk or run because of the lack of legs, or we would be able to draw or paint because we would have no arms. Our body allows us to live each day of our lives fully because it gives us the parts necessary to live and function. The big question though is whether the body can truly be considered a separate entity from the mind. Are the body and the mind unified or do they function separately? That is what we are going to try and determine now by looking at both perspectives with the help of Descartes and some of his philosophical ideas as well as some personal thoughts.

The body is sometimes in complete control of us without our knowledge. The example that demonstrates this ideal is the autonomic nervous system in our bodies. The autonomic nervous system is what allows us to survive each day.

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