The Management of Emotions

Managing emotions adequately is vitally important in practically every area of life. Children learn this skill first from the example of their parents. These skills are transferred to society as the child grows and broadens his or her connections with the outside world. Emotional management skills become increasingly important as the human moving through life. In the workplace, both managers and employees need to adequately manage their emotions in order to successfully accomplish their diverse tasks. In personal life, emotional management is important in the home in order to raise healthy, balanced individuals who will in their turn function well in the workplace. Emotions are an integral part of humanity. The management of emotions is, therefore, a task that faces every person in every stage of life daily.

It is unfortunate that emotional management is not a topic consciously dealt with at either the home or learning institutions. The result of strong, badly managed emotions is often conflict, according to the Conflict Research Consortium (1998). Emotional and conflict management are closely connected. Once the conflicting parties realize this, it is easier to focus on the steps necessary towards a resolution of the conflict.

There are many professionals offering advice on adequately managing emotions. The Conflict Research Consortium, for example, focuses its advice on the issue of emotions and conflict. Conflict is more easily resolved, according to this premise, when the emotions involved are explored and understood. Once each party understands the other’s emotions, the issue of conflict becomes simpler and indeed could be eradicated entirely. This is especially so in personal relationships. Parties involved in romantic or family relationships will most often benefit from exploring the emotion involved in a conflict.

Emotions are also frequently both the cause and result of interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

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