The Importance of the Organizational Training and Development Strategy

  Training in a funeral home should be proactive, rather than reactive. Reactive training is training based on responding to needs as they are identified and as they become urgent. Proactive training refers to training employees before the need becomes urgent. In any service-based industry dealing with the public, proactive training is the better option because it means that employees are prepared when issues arise and that they can deal with problems. For example, it is no user identifying that employees need to know how to manage conflict once the conflict situation arises. It is not like a manufacturing organization where the employee can learn how to complete a task and then return later to fix the problem and complete the task. Once the employee has learned how to fix the problem, the opportunity and the client are no longer available. A funeral home would also especially benefit from a proactive approach to training because it would help ensure that processes ran smoothly. Considering that a funeral home deals with clients at a difficult and emotional time of their lives, it is crucial that the process is as smooth and free of problems as possible.

2. Organizational training and development strategies can affect organizational performance in a number of ways. If training and development are managed well, it can provide an organization with more efficient and effective employees. Training can help ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs well. Training and development strategies can also help an organization to improve its processes since informed and knowledgeable employees are often able to contribute to improving processes.

Organizational training and development strategies are also important in effectively planning for the human resource needs of the organization. Firstly, strategies are needed to ensure that the organization adapts their human resources as needs change.

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