The Importance of A Occupational Therapist

After World War I, occupational therapists have been a wonder of help to many people in a variety of ways. The need to help disabled veterans stimulated this growth. Occupational therapy is the use of practice activities to treat physical or mental disabilities.
First, to get into the occupation you have to have a bachelor”s degree, thus certificating you in this field. Four years of college training leads to the degree of bachelor in science in occupational therapy. Addition to the four year of college, a clinical training period of six to nine months is required to qualify. Some colleges permit students to take clinical practice during summer or part of their senior year I college. While your enrollment in college some science courses you may take are anatomy, physiology, neurology, psychology, and sociology. Clinical subjects include general medical and surgical conditions. Other subjects may include creative arts, educational projects, and recreational activities. Master”s and doctoral programs are offered for occupational therapist seeking careers in teaching, administration, and research.
Upon graduation and completion of the clinical practice, a therapist is eligible to take the examination administered by the American Occupational therapy Certification Board. Those who pass may use the initials OTR after their name. Many hospitals require that their occupational therapist is registered. A license to practice is required by almost all states. Applicants for a license must have a degree or certificate from an accredited education program and pass the national certification examination.
Employment of occupational therapist helps about 73,000 jobs in 19998. Most of these jobs were in hospitals, including rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals. Others were in office, clinics, home health agencies, nursing homes, and adult daycare centers. Some occupational therapists are self-employed in private practices.

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