The Different Programs of Exercise

Weight training

Due to the nature of my employment and future career plans I chose Weight Training to be my primary exercise. My busy college and work schedule leaves me less time to take care of health and fitness issues than I would like to. I found Weight Training to be most efficient method of exercise with regard to my schedule. I am 21 years old 220lb 6’02 male, with previous history of overfat. My current level of activity varies from 8 hours long walks and sometimes runs to 8 hours spent in the vehicle driving around. Weight lifting can be a fun, effective way to increase muscular strength, improve overall physical appearance and gain weight. Many weight lifting systems exist. That is why I chose Toning and Reduction (Maintenance) Weight Training program. I see Weight Training as very productive way to increase ones level of fitness and wellness without spending long hours running or riding a bike. I exercise 2-3 times a week, 50-70 minutes per session, that intensity gives me the energy I need within the time I can afford. I particularly chose Toning and Reduction program in regard with my martial art training I was and I will be taking during the summer. I want to maintain flexibility of my muscles in order to perform martial art exercise correctly and efficient. That brings me to the point where I need to discuss each benefit of Toning and Reduction program separately.

             First off, Weight Training will greatly enhance my performance as a martial artist. The stronger muscles will protect bones and organs better, the weight bearing exercises of lifting aid in the development of stronger bones; not only is there direct martial art benefit in this – lesser tendency towards breaks in training – but as you age it lessens the likelihood of age-related bone disorders, and of course muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, therefore along with muscular strength and endurance you get productive weight loss method.

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