Surgical Treatments in Cancer

             It includes a large group of varied disorders that share major traits. The first sign of cancer is an enlargement of the area. The tumor then infects other cells near it, and if it’s really advanced, these cells may break away from the tumor and spread cancer throughout your body. Although many people believe that your survival rate is low if you’re diagnosed with cancer, patients usually have high recovery rates. There are many different types of treatment that doctors can give to their patients. The three main types are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Surgery is quick, usually effective, and it accounts for the most cures. Many doctors must operate on their patients, but this treatment has several downsides. Just because a doctor has taken out the main tumor doesn’t mean that the cancer cells are completely gone. They’re too small to see, so doctors can’t tell if they have taken it all out or not. So, just to be sure, doctors usually take out a lot of the healthy tissue surrounding the area. This could damage the person’s system and their appearance. Also, cancer sometimes forms around structures that can’t be taken out, like an organ. In these cases, surgery alone is basically useless. Radiation therapy is another option, and many doctors prefer this in many cases. When a patient receives radiation therapy, gamma rays are sent in to treat the region that the tumor is in. Patients usually receive five to eight weeks of treatments every day, but they don’t have to stay in the hospital. Radiation works because when the high amount of rays treat the tumor, it will cause enough damage to the cells to kill them. Radiation does damage the healthy tissue, but they can recover easily. So, radiation therapy can kill the cancerous tissue, while the healthy tissue can still function. It can destroy microscopic tissue that surgery could miss, and it’s safer for older patients that could have trouble recovering.

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