Strategies for Memory Improvement

Imagine that you are talking to a friend who is not in this class and s/he asks you to recommend some study strategies (now that you’ve read the Memory chapter).

Discuss THREE of the following concepts and explain how each one can be used to help your friend study: elaborative rehearsal, deep processing, chunking, distributed practice, memory strategies (you can describe one or more specific ones the book mentions in “Improve Your Memory” section on pp. 247-250 and how each one helps memory). Pick THREE techniques/strategies for memory improvement and discuss WHY each technique/strategy helps memory (using terminology from Chapter 6). For example, does it help encoding or retrieval and in what way? Does it affect how the information is processed? Does it help make the material more organized, more distinctive, more personally relevant? (Remember to reference and cite at least two sources; textbook can be one of them.)

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