Spiritual needs

Spiritual needs are one of the essential needs among individuals. Throughout the life, the spiritual needs are an intrinsic need and remain as a primary element of holistic nursing care. Nurses face a great challenge of satisfying the spiritual needs of the patient. The holistic care addresses the spiritual needs, social, physical, economic and emotional needs of the patient (Nolan, 2015). The religious intervention involves treating the religious beliefs of the patients without prejudice, helping them practice their religion, giving them an opportunity to connect with God as well as expressing their beliefs and values and referring them to religious leaders and clerical.

According to me, the spiritual care is supporting and acknowledging a person religious beliefs. Respecting them and ensuring that their wishes are followed. It involves bringing glory to God. A practitioner may give spiritual care through praying with the patient, providing a word of encouragement, being present and listen to the patient, sharing from the scriptures, participating in the healing service and referring them to the religious leaders. I believe that the Holy Spirit guides the practitioners when making the challenging decisions. Reading the scriptures and praying makes the healthcare provider stronger as well as close to God and are able to make a decision based on God’s plan. The religious leaders are supposed to teach their followers concerning the spiritual care.

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