Social Networking Services

More and more people turn to social networking services (SNS) as a way to stay connected to others. Ironically, some research has found this to be isolating. In their study, Alloway and colleagues (2014) explored whether social media use socially isolates people by examining whether Facebook is linked to selfishness. Based on the required readings, apply the concept of altruism within the context of SNS and analyse the ways in which altruism and well-being can be promoted in SNS.

Required Readings:

Alloway, T., Runac, R., Qureshi, M., & Kemp, G. (2014). Is Facebook linked to selfishness? Investigating the relationships among social media use, empathy, and narcissism.

Fowler, J. H., & Christakis, N. A. (2010). Cooperative behavior cascades in human social networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

APA 1000 words

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