Social and Emotional Development

How do you think policy makers can and should take individuals social and emotional development into consideration when writing policy? Briefly describe the policy you selected. Then explain how it could be revised based on what you learned about social and emotional development in this course.

Policy makers need to consider the social and emotional development when writing policies because early childhood is a great time to lay the foundation to health development. Cooper, Masi, & Vick (2009) state “research on early childhood has underscored the impact of the first five years of a child’s life on his/her socioemotional development” (p. 3). Adverse childhood experiences often affect children’s short and long term mental and physical health (Cooper, Masi, & Vick, 2009).

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative program builds policies that focus on the long term social and emotional development of a child (Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, 2019). “The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) facilitates research into early brain development as well as addiction and mental health treatment, and applies this research to policies and practices that support positive lifelong health outcomes” (Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, 2019). They collaborate with others in research, education, and leaders in policy making; working together to benefit children and families in Alberta communities (Alberta Family Wellness, 2019). Alberta Family Health Initiative (2019) states lifelong health is shaped by early experience. This statement could be revised to early positive experiences shapes life long health.


Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (2019).

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