Research Questions

  • What would be a good way to increase the number of organ donors in Georgia?
  • Why do people play the lottery?
  • What would robots do if they were smart enough to do so?
  • Do high-voltage power lines cause brain cancer?  What about silicone breast implants and breast cancer?
  • Why was it so cold outside yesterday?
  • Do bar patrons get prettier/more handsome closer to closing time?
  • How do honeybees find their way back to the hive?
  • Too difficult, perhaps:  what is the BEST car for you?  How much should you spend, and which make and model car is RIGHT for you right now?
  • How do you get your highly-skilled workers to be more productive?

Choose TWO from the list above and answer the following:

1.  What is the operational definition (the definition you’ll use for research purposes) of the main variables involved?  For some of these, you’ll need to rephrase the question and decide which variables you’ll focus on.

2.  Which variable is the independent variable?  Which one is the dependent variable?  How do you tell the difference?  Explain in your own words.

3. Is this question able to be answered by psychological scientists?  Why or why not?

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