Research Inquiry Assignment

Research Inquiry Assignment

Research Inquiry Assignment

Instructions: Answer the following questions to assist you into generating a clinical question that will later require searching the existing literature to gain an answer to your question.


Your Response


What clinical area is most interesting to you (preferred clinical area/population) and why? Consider role, age range, health concerns etc.


What issues in your preferred clinical area have caused you to reflect on what to do? What are you wondering about? What do you think would be the best intervention for the problem?


Use a hypothesis, problem statement, or relational/correlation question format of your preference to pose a research question that you will investigate throughout the course. The question is to include the population, potential intervention or concept/variable related to, a specified outcome.

Example: Ambulation within the first 24 hours of surgery reduces post-operative pneumonia in adult abdominal surgery patients

The PICO format below is one example of how to formulate a quantitative research question:

P- Problem/patient/population or specific group

Example: Post-operative patients

I- Intervention or event that will be studied

Example: Incentive Spirometry within one hour of waking

C- Comparison to the identified intervention

Example: No incentive spirometry

O- Outcome or effect of the intervention

Example: Prevention of post-operative pneumonia

Example Hypothesis: Using incentive spirometry within one hour of waking prevents post-operative pneumonia in post-operative patients

Example Question: Does use of incentive spirometry within one hour of waking reduce post-operative pneumonia in surgical patients?

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