Relevance of Day Care Centers to the Child and Parents

Young families today face many tough decisions. Financially it is almost imperative that both adult members of the family work. With this, a reality can one rest assured that their children are being taken care of properly? Health, socialization, and morals are just a few things that influence the decision that one has to make as to whether or not to place children in daycare centers.

             When children are put into daycare centers many health concerns can arise. These health concerns can be as minor as a cold or as severe as a life-threatening disease. Exposure to many other children from many different families greatly increases the odds a child has of contracting various illnesses. Children in a daycare center play together and do many activities in close proximity of one another so that once a sickness is introduced to one child many others can be affected within a short period of time. However, children that are raised at home with a parent have a much less chance of being exposed to illnesses. There are usually not many other children to spread germs around. Even when a child being cared for at home gets sick it’s not likely that reoccurring illnesses will be a problem. An at home parent can take the extra time to take extra special care of a sick child.

It has been said that children in daycare centers learn the socialization skills necessary to lead them in the right direction later in life. A herd of cattle when they are fenced in a pasture also learn social skills; an order of hierarchy that enables them to get along together and take care of themselves. Not to compare children to cattle, but people of all different ages have to learn to get along in a number of different situations. To say that young children need to learn this lesson of life at a young age is a ridiculous assumption. Children raised with a parent at home learn what responsibility is all about.

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