Race and Racism

Final Writing Assignment

For this paper, you will identify an example or depiction of a race issue or racism in the media (movies, TV, Netflix), the news, popular culture, or from a personal experience. Your assignment is to find a film, television show, news report, story, book, or any media that features a depiction of race or racism. Students will write a two page paper where they will:

A) Summarize the issue or depiction of race/Racism.

-What is happening in your chosen media depiction?

-In your own words, tell the reader what is happening.

-This should be about 1 paragraph of summarization of the depiction of a workplace or employment issue.

B) Discuss how it relates to the course material as presented in the text and lecture.

-What relevant terms, theories, or ideas from the class can be used to explain what is happening

in your chosen depiction?

-In your own words, tell the reader how your class material relates to your chosen topic.

-This should be about 2 paragraphs or more.

C) Discuss the realism or fidelity of the depiction.

-Does your chosen depiction accurately represent topics covered in the class?

-Tell the reader if your chosen depiction is fiction, based on a true story, or a news report or discussion of an actual event. Does the depiction accurately portray race or racism issues or realistically depict issues we have talked about in class.

-This should be about 2 paragraphs or more.

D) What is your reaction.

-Given what you have learned, what is your reaction to the depiction or issues?

-Is there anything that could be done differently or be changed?

-This should be 1 additional paragraph.

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