Psychosocial Workshops

Apply your knowledge of cultural  influences on development to create psychosocial workshops for a  specific population.


As a human services administrator at a local agency, one of your  duties is to write descriptions of the agency’s community workshops to  publish in the community’s resource guide delivered free of charge to  all residents. These are the titles of the workshops:

  • Single Moms: A workshop for working mothers to help them balance work and home
  • Community Living: A workshop for those transitioning from incarceration to society
  • Caregiver Parents: A workshop for those taking care of aging parents, while also raising a young family
  • Parenting Teens: A workshop to enable parents to help their teenage children transition to young adulthood

Your community largely comprises blue-collar workers, many of whom  are working on either visas or green cards; thus, there are pockets of  immigrant communities. Some of the workers are those who were  reintegrated into society after prolonged incarceration (more than three  years). The median age of the area is thirty-five years, and  multigenerational households are commonplace. The public school system  is underresourced, and truancy is a big problem. Many students do not  complete high school, and standardized test scores are well below what  is federally mandated for funding.


For each of the four workshops, write a 100- to 200-word description on the basis of the following:

  1. Utilize what you have learned throughout the course to describe specific services that each workshop will include.
  2. Tailor each description to the community and the target audience for the workshop.
  3. Apply cultural and multicultural sensitivity within and across all  descriptions. Remember, a single mother may also read the description  for community living. Craft your descriptions to be readable and  sensitive to all.
  4. Account for individual differences and environmental contexts that will influence developmental changes.
  5. Account for the role of culture in shaping attitudes, values, and behaviors.


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