Privacy Invasion

Privacy is the right to be let alone to do what you want in secret. All across our nation privacy is being exploited by companies, hardened criminals, and drug users. They use or invade privacy for their own personal gain. We need to change our view of privacy when considering a recidivist criminal to make it easier for them to be prosecuted again. Our government must make it harder for insurance companies to gain access to our most personal records.

Pedophiles were one group of criminals who until recently used their right to privacy to their own advantage. After they would serve their jail time most of them would move into an unsuspecting neighborhood where they would maintain a low profile until they would attack their next victim. Neighbors of the pedophiles were unaware their new neighbors were repeat criminals because in our constitution even recidivists have a right to privacy. Those days are over now that New Jersey passed Megan’s law and many other states passed similar laws. Since Megan’s law was put into effect child molestation in New Jersey has declined over forty percent (“Megan’s” 46). Laws similar to Megan’s Law that apply to murders and drug dealers need to be passed.

Drug use, unlike child molestation, is going rapidly up. People are starting to take their drug addiction to dangerous such as their jobs. With some jobs such as a train engineer, auto mechanic, airplane pilot, bus driver and military personnel drug use on the job will most often prove deadly to innocent bystanders and the drug user as well (Goldstein 4). With some jobs such as a police officer and professional sports player, drug use causes corruption. The officer becomes a man working on the inside for the drug dealers and the sports player gains an unnecessary advantage over their competitors. Even worse than the unfair advantage is the negative impact the drug use causes on the kids who idolize the sports player making drugs glorified for them (Goldstein 5).

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