Policy Issue Presentation

Create a 10 to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker’s notes, communicating the change vision of the policy issue you selected.

The policy issue selected: (Prescription drug abuse )

  • Locate a minimum of three academic articles to support your stance. Two of the three articles can be previous resources used in earlier weeks.

Include the following in your presentation:
-Summarize the problem statement using relevant background information and supporting details from the articles you located.

  • -Identify the policy objectives, options, and alternatives.
  • -Who is directly impacted by the health policy issue?
  • -Identify the stakeholders who will assist you in implementing the change and define their roles.
  • -What are the outside influences on the policy issue?
  • -How has the media’s influence shaped the policy?
  • -How will the policy change improve health care?
  • -Are there any cultural or ethical implications to this policy?

Cite and reference using APA guidelines.

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