Obesity As A Prevalent Health Problem

The changing nature of societies at present is reflected in the emergence of new social issues and problems that people are most concerned about these days. Among the prevalent problems confronted by societies today-affluent and poor ones is the increasing number of individuals who are afflicted with obesity. This social issue and health problem is the result of the preponderance of the development of the “fast food culture” among societies, a phenomenon that was discussed and analyzed in George Ritzer’s “McDonaldization of Society.”.

In his book, Ritzer centered on the concept of fast food culture to demonstrate how this culture contributed to the rapid occurrence of obesity not only in Western societies but in other nations as well, particularly in poverty-stricken regions such as Asia and the South Pacific islands. According to Ritzer, the appeal of the fast food culture was attributed to its “efficiency, calculability, predictability and control.” These attributes are given to the consumer in the cheapest amount possible; in effect, support for the efficiency and predictability of the fast food culture encouraged people to patronize fast food establishments, without any careful consideration about the consequences of their indiscriminate eating of food from these ‘McDonaldized’ establishments.

Obesity should be treated with great concern and people must become aware of its consequences and detrimental effects, mainly because it has long-term effects that can potentially affect society’s demographics and hinder society’s potential for progress. On a macro-level, obesity is both a social issue and health problem. .

It is a health problem because obesity contributes to the ever-increasing rates of deaths due to coronary heart disease, not to mention associated illnesses involving the circulatory system, such as increased incidences of diabetes and kidney failure. Awareness on obesity will act as early intervention that will keep society’s demographics stable, not to mention improving the productivity of individuals as members of the society.

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