Nursing Profession

Nursing is a very demanding profession.   Having so many things coming at you at once is difficult.   Having critical thinking skills includes making a quick decision on what it is of highest priority.   Focus on the highest priority along with keeping the other issues in your mind so they are not forgotten can be difficult.   Rebecca I think you are very correct when you say the nurse can “develop a better outcome for the patient and self.”

A nurse must be able to delegate tasks to help them finish these tasks in a timely manor.  For example if you have a patient asking to use the restroom, a doctor on the phone,  and you notice the faucet in the patients bathroom is leaking.   The nurse could asking the Patient Care Assistant to take the patient to the restroom.   Asking the Unit Clerk to call maintenance to fix the faucet.   And speak to the doctor on the phone.   Within a minute all three tasks were done in a timely manor.

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