NRS 451V Grand Canyon Week 3 Discussion Latest

NRS 451v GC Week 3 Discussion 1 Latest

You have an idea to improve patient care that you would like upper management to support and fund. What type of communication tool would you use to present your idea and why?

NRS 451v GC Week 3 Discussion 2 Latest

What differentiates someone that is intrinsically motivated from someone that is extrinsically motivated? Give an example of how you would go about motivating an individual who is intrinsically motivated and one who is extrinsically motivated. What are the characteristics of a performance-driven team?


NRS 451V Grand Canyon Week 4 Discussion Latest


NRS 451v GC Week 4 Discussion 1 Latest

A new director decides to reorganize the department you work in. This reorganization comes about without input from the employees and many of the nurses that you oversee are feeling resentful of the change. As a nurse leader, identify factors that may lead to conflict and ways you can manage them.

NRS 451v GC Week 4 Discussion 2 Latest

Personal affiliations and networking are important for nursing leaders. Why are these important? How will they benefit you in your career future?

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