To help you process the intense material that you’re reading, you will write a

weekly memo.   There are three parts to each of memo. The required readings are at the end. APA formatting with ref page.

Please label each part as such.

Overall Summary

In a minimum of 350 words, share the overall points you gained from this week’s readings (this includes the articles). What stood out to you? What were the thesis statements, foundational assumptions or beliefs, or relationships between the Ritzer chapter and articles for the week? Please clearly reference the book and the articles. Use APA format when directly quoting or paraphrasing.

Current Application

In paragraph form, briefly discuss how a concept or theory could be applied to a

current issue. Please visit Upworthy, Everyday Feminism, Ted Talks, Soc Images

or some other credible news source for this section. Please copy/paste the URL

your memo so I know which source you used.

Engaging Question

After thinking about what you’ve learned this week, come up with an engaging

question that could be asked of your classmates.

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