Intellectual Development

What does intellectual development include?

A. The development of mind.    B. Development of thinking, reasoning and interest perception.    C. Development of skills.    D. Development of emotions.

How many words does a child learn to speak at the age of 2, according to Prof. Smith?

A. 150 words  B. 372 words    C. 172 words  D. 272 words

In which animal Pavlov conducted his experiment

A. Rat  B. Cat    C. Dog  D. Bird

Mirror drawing apparatus is related to

A. Conditioning  B. Trial and error    C. Span of memory  D. Forgetting

Strains and disparities appears in the child’s personality on account of

A. Social disadjustment    B. Bad environment    C. Parents psychological behavior towards the child    D. Parents aggressive behavior in front of the child

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