Importance of Positive Nursing Image

Importance of a Positive Nursing Image


When we are during a hospital or clinic for treatment or to go to a patient, we will meet with the ladies employees, wearing complete white. They are the nurses World Health Organization treat and assist patients within the hospital several different doctors. Treatment and sensible treatment of the patient, in terms of psychological causes the patient more leisurely keep in hospital and will heal quicker. They were terribly below standing of every patient’s red under their care.

According to Virginia Henderson (2006) explicit the distinctive perform of the nurse is to help the individual sick or well, within the performance of these activities conducive to health or its recovery (or to peaceful death) that he would perform unaided if he had the mandatory strength, can or information.


  1. Discuss critically the image of nursing currently in Malaysia
  2. Importance of a positive nursing image display in the nursing profession
  3. Propose relevant strategies to enhance and protect the image of nursing.

Nursing image in Malaysia

Initially the event of nursing in Asian nation is slow and nursing careers less appealing as low-status views so the presumption instruction doctor solely. This can be as a result of they are doing not perceive the conception of nursing itself. the sector of nursing is wide and may be divided into four basic areas as practiced during this country (Malaysia), covering health nurses, medical nurses, community nurses and nurse teachers. For knowledgeable and qualified, they are going to be appointed to a lot of senior, like woman and chief nurse supervisor nurse supervisor.

However, the nurse desires cannot be met by the country at the present. This was attributable to the college leavers don’t need or have an interest in venturing into this more and more necessary field, or several might not remember of this growing career with a pretty financial gain.

But most of the complaints from patients regarding poor service from workers nurse particularly in government hospitals. Nurses UN agency don’t work with discipline and don’t meet the standards properly creating a picture of a hospital and therefore the nurse’s own image stigmatized. The Ministry of Health ought to look serious regarding this drawback. Attainable consequences of not happy with the quantity of rewards given, the nurse appeared to strike and don’t need to try to the work as directed properly. Gratuity not is set properly. Wherever it ought to be, for nurses UN agency work late in the dead of night, every of them must be provided. In fact, wage compensation for operating additional night is enclosed. The government mustn’t take gently. The initial step should be controlled to confirm the commonweal taken care of.

Patients usually endure treatment at a personal hospital on the premise of desires adequate treatment instrumentality technology and more refined. Moreover, with sensible service from the personal hospital satisfactory. A price, even once the property as long as health is maintained. The government ought to build forceful changes to handle the issues that are usually spoken of, which can indirectly involve the increase of fall of the economy.

Importance of a positive nursing image display in the nursing profession

The lack of human resources during this space inflicting the government to hunt help from neighbouring countries for energy services nurse. Measures like these area unit done by the government alone seeks to boost people’s health. Now, nurses are not any longer considered a career however as a profession that’s vital and in nice demand. They not solely facilitate the doctor, however as associate assistant to the doctor closing the treatment and conduct of clinical procedures. In fact, just in case of emergency within the absence of doctors, nurses should modify before the arrival of the doctor.

Following the institution of additional hospitals, colleges, medical coaching, medical centres and personal has spread out opportunities for nursing as a profession and upgrade their qualifications to degree level and specific clinical skills. This field offers a lot of the government hospital, Hospital UKM, University Malaysia Medical Centre, National Heart Institute and personal medical centres. Candidates with sheepskin in Nursing are going to be offered profitable pay of quite RM1, 000 and alternative engaging amenities, as well as allowances and medical advantages. The requirement for this profession and to boost the nursing profession, LED the Ministry of Health, several universities and establishments providing nursing programs at sheepskin and degree levels.

The program is meant to fulfil the energy desires of nurses for this and also the future area unit dwindling and at identical time rising clinical skills area unit perpetually evolving. The program has options of high educational and skilled is in a position to provide energy nurse with a basic data of nursing data, clinical skills and attitudes of high and noble characters to treat patients effectively.

In addition, students are going to be schooled in practice-based theory to produce treatment and comprehensive care to patients. this is often as a result of nursing isn’t solely seen in terms of recovery, however embody all alternative aspects of rising the health of people, families and communities, stop malady, treat and rehabilitate patients. High skills ought to be stressed to urge a decent read of the patient. With our work and additional disciplined to require care of the nurse’s own name within the eyes of the patient. Additionally, the hospital additionally got a reputation and control in high esteem and given satisfactory service patients.

In the learning stage, as a sensible discipline, student’s area unit given exposure to the patient and exposure continues throughout, nursing. Besides, student’s area unit exposed to nursing analysis and nursing method. It aims to provide nurses UN agency doesn’t seem to be solely trained and skilled however additionally the characteristic of a tutorial has. With this effort, a stronger quality of labour is inspired.

Malaysian nurses area unit in extremely demand by the gulf countries. They furnish an excellent contribution to boosting of the economy of the country. Several nursing theorists and researchers are developed everywhere the globe. They create out their skills suitably. They need contributed greatly to the shopper care improvement. The nurses will voice out and convey out the scientific changes through the nursing journals. Nursing journals area unit taking part in an important role in acts the nursing analysis papers. A number of the analysis has shown that the nurses area unit considerably higher in playing hand hygiene and infection management than doctors. There are units several evidences accessible that nursing analysis has been started long back. The Lady with the Lamp is founding father of fashionable nursing. She has used the scientific principles in taking care of the sick. There is a unit several nursing leaders given a lot of contribution to the event of the profession.

Strategies to enhance and protect the image of nursing

The need of innovation in health care is important in developing countries like Asian nation. Challenges associated with health care might not be addressed while not developing vital thinking skills to resolve issues and supply effective care arrange. Prime Minister locution recently, “Business isn’t as was common.” So, we have a tendency to all have to be compelled to suppose outside of the box or the scope and enhance the power to provide innovations which will facilitate the daily work or routine nursing tasks. Plenty of power is often enforced. This can be the thought that sought-after independence and freedom suggests that the struggle should continue.

Consequently, teachers’ and long and demanding thinking in clinical follow ought to be the norm in our health care system. With fast advances in medical technology and instrumentation, the nurses within the gift have to be compelled to operate hi-tech instrumentation and apply new clinical techniques and new pharmaceutical product. additionally, nurses operating twenty four hours every day, in any respect levels of service to differing types of patients, families, communities, health care employees and employees in alternative sectors. Therefore, nurses square measure in a very special state of affairs to produce solutions that ‘creative’ and innovation will produce a true distinction within the daily lives of patients, organizations, communities and also the ‘profession’ of nursing itself. So that, nurses face a difficult future however jam-packed with new opportunities inside and out of doors the country, then it’s termed as a nurses ‘Global’. This could achieve profession if he’s continued to be enlarged from certificate to academic degree.

The role of critical thinking in the nursing profession

Critical thinking plays a vital role within the nursing profession and each nurse, in spite of the extent or specialization, the necessity to own a complete capability of vital thinking within the course of their daily activities on the duty truthful.

Before home additional desires vital thinking by nurse, let we tend to recall the idea of vital thinking to know what it’s and its importance within the nursing profession. Vital assuming refers to the priceless skills to envision or think on the far side the apparent and sincere effort to seek out logical relationships between concepts. In alternative words, vital thinking could be a special talent firmly on the core principles and theories area unit guided by the logic of research and common sense.

As with the other profession, a nurse, certified nursing assistant, or maybe within the nursing profession must have vital thinking nature or special skills. Nurses, as a part of his daily routine, has taken a rational call taking into consideration all the professional and cons, and hit firm conclusions that the planned answer is going to be of the proper kind.

Many people usually confuse vital thinking with vital thinking. The two terms don’t seem to be a similar and completely different in that means. Vital thinking involves creating a judgment, or take rational selections that may ultimately cause downside resolution. Vital thinking is commonly brought up criticize or supply vital comments. One among the necessary things that distinguish vital thinking from vital thinking, vital thinking associated with freedom of thought, and significant thinking refers to the liberty of thought. Nurses must always have that freedom of thought in doing their daily activities in order that they will use their vital thinking ability to make a decision on the right course of treatment, taking into consideration alternative aspects and explore all potential ways that.

The individuals concerned within the nursing profession have been entrusted with the responsibility to produce effective health care to patients, and so be accountable for the patient’s life. Any wrong selections or activities shunned any thought, or rush, could cause a significant complication always. Therefore, the nurse should use vital thinking skills and make sure that the proper things area unit necessary in treating patients conducted. Vital thinking needs all choices to be explored and therefore the best answer is simply good for your desires met and enforced. Whereas giving treatment to patient, a nurse should make sure that the patient can get relief from treatment, not having any complications, and cannot have any pain or pain throughout the treatment method.

Nurse, victimization vital thinking skills He ought to expect the results of treatment and prepared for call. selecting the most effective various, and therefore the weight of the choice is probably going to use foresight orienting vital thinking, and nurses ought to develop this invaluable talent Armed with information and conviction or self-belief.

Upgrading the hospital system

Each hospital presently awake to all the workers they’re ICT literate. This can be as a result of most of the hospital system is whether or not the system is on-line delivery of patient data like records of previous medical examinations of patients with medication at a pharmacy. The profession of nursing is that the most significant to be Associate in nursing knowledgeable within the field of ICT for the explanation they most upset patients. Thus, there are several steps that have got to be done to make sure that the nursing profession will turn out ICT literate workers.

The first step you will be able to take may be a rebate for the acquisition of the iPad by the govt. together with the Malaysian telecommunications like Celcom, Maxis and Digi. Use of iPad will facilitate nursing workers to higher perceive ICT is wide used when whenever to require consecutive patient information hold on within the main hospital system. Therefore, the rebate Nurses will turn out ICT literate workers if enforced within the future.

Implementation of the hospital administration was additionally one amongst the steps in manufacturing ICT literate workers. The administration has to send nurses to attend ICT courses unendingly and sporadically. Some samples of courses which will be command are that the thanks to use Microsoft Spreadsheets are typically employed in their career fields to calculate the statistics of patients returning to the hospital or admitted.

Among alternative measures should be enforced to produce ICT literate workers is to expand the realm can do on-line net victimization wireless fidelity Associate in Nursing example system nets. Therefore, every nurse is ready to perpetually update their information on ICT. If your association is capable of a good vary of skills a nurse to become ICT literate.

Self-nurses themselves got to be able to get out of the temperature that unremarkably use manual ways like writing a report of nursing. Once the facilities provided by the hospital itself, as an example in University Kebangsaan Asian country Medical Centre, that provides a CHEtS, medipro, OMS and Master of Education internet to facilitate the daily routine of nurses, thus nurses should have their own initiative to use the power properly.

The final step to supply ICT literate nursing profession has to be started from scratch since they’re still in class. The applying of learning in ICT can facilitate folks to be additional ICT literate once turning into a nurse. The hospital administration ought to select workers World Health Organization have already got some information regarding ICT and still train them to become additional knowledgeable. In conclusion, these measures may be applied the nursing profession produce ICT literate workers within the future.

Recommendation and Conclusion

Based on the issues that are mentioned during a few verses on top of, that understand wherever there’s discontent at intervals nursing itself against come back or reward ought to they earn.

This is not an awfully difficult drawback. There could also be deviations from the highest or maybe a go-between it. During this field, the sincerity of the work is additional necessary. Typically a service from the nurses themselves weren’t satisfactory the patient, significantly nurses in government hospitals. This might be the dearth of pay. The nurses strike doesn’t do an honest job as a result of my sister rush returns the specified payment.

Therefore, the nurses themselves should look out of their own behavior rather not affected their image. Additionally, the upper authorities like the Ministry of Health ought to even be serious issues occurring instead of simply meaninglessness. Additionally, the nurse ought to be additional skilled perspective. Nurses are government employees rather necessary. Therefore, to curb disciplinary issues attenuate, the superior should show smart behavior Associate in Nursing set an example for subordinates.

In the space of health care, the nurse may be a one that worked as a care skilled. Nurses are chargeable for the rescue and cured the sick, lookout of their health, and to handle emergencies altogether severe conditions altogether areas of health. Profession nursing may be a field that’s terribly valuable. This space includes a high market price and also the prospects are terribly bright. Nurse deemed noble profession as a result of it helps those in would like. Therefore, employment as a nurse to be control in high esteem. Our responsibility is ready to create the patient get physiological condition or otherwise. Positive read of career is greatly required. Additionally, the values of the nurse’s own birth is critical to confirm that such work is seen higher. Disciplines are required so as to not look squint at others, particularly patients. Advances in self nurses may indirectly raise the name of a hospital. Career nursing profession is one among the most core and a key think about the success of the system and also the country’s health care services, whereas it’s thought-about a awfully noble profession, admirable and integrity.


Henderson, V. (2006). The concept of nursing:.Journal of Advanced Nursing,53(1), 21-31. [Last accessed 5th July 2014]


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