How did Covid 19 Impact nursing home staff?

How did Covid 19 Impact nursing home staff?

How did Covid 19 Impact nursing home staff?

Type: Essay (any type)

Service: Writing

Level: College

Language: English (US)

Deadline: Jan 8, 11:37 PM

Topic: Covid 19 Assignment

Subject: Other

Sources: 5 sources required

Style: APA 7th edition


Covid 19 Assignment The Covid 19 Pandemic has been devastating to many nursing homes. The data show that a disproportionate share of nursing home residents died as result of Covid 19. What can you a future health care practitioner and/or manager learn from this event? We should learn from this experience; might help us the next time; there will be a next time. The lessons we learn now will serve us well in the future. Therefore, here is your assignment.

To answer these questions, you will need to find an article as your source of information (i.e.: NY Times, JAMA, McKnights Long Term Care, Provider and other periodicals, and Journals). You will have to site your sources and references on each your essays.

For each Assignment question, you will submit two (2) to four (4) paragraphs

There are five are 5 assignments that you will submit:

Assignment 1

How did Covid 19 impact Personal Protection Equipment (gloves, mask, gowns) – PPEs in nursing homes?

Assignment 2

How did Covid 19 Impact nursing home staff?

Assignment 3

How did Covid 19 impact residents and families?

Assignment 4

How did decisions by NYS (Department of Health and/or the Governor) impact nursing homes?

Assignment 5

What is the fiscal state of NYS nursing home as of Sept 1, 2020?

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