From the case study, it is clear that the patients are not satisfied with the attitudes of the nurses. A nursing home serves as a new home for the patients. The nurses should, therefore, have a positive attitude towards these patients. The positive attitude may lead to increased admissions because the patients learn to trust the nurses. The medical facility has a lot of debts, and the three nursing homes have been running losses, better attitudes can improve the situation. From 2012 to 2015 the surgical volume of CMC had reduced from 35% to 33.74% (Harrison, 2016). The service providers are not fast and efficient in fact the patients are complaining that the admission process is slow and services such as surgeries not done in time.

There is a lot of mismanagement of the hospital funds; the hospital should, therefore, work to ensure cases like, the disbursement of the 1.7 million to the Medicaid which was not authorized, do not occur again. The Hospital does not ascertain and verify that the amount of money that they spend in paying outside contractors. Insures had not been billed for their services by some hospital-based specialists that are hospital based. Other contracts like the 35,000 $ spent in conduct board retreat should be reduced to a manageable level. The cost of healthcare is excessively high in that region compared to other areas in the state especially taking into consideration the fact that there is a poverty rate of about 12% and 6% of the population are unemployed (Harrison, 2016).

The case study shows that the management of the hospital is not effective because the CMC board and the parent board are in a clash of authority. There should be strategic measures taken to ensure that the parent board and the CMC board work together, this will help reduce the time used in decision making and implementation of the strategies. There should also be a clear elaboration of the roles and responsibilities that the two groups are expected to play. Solving these issues will help in the timely appointment of the new Hospital CEO (Harrison, 2016). Their working together will lead to better management, and this will be reflected in the performance of hospital employees. Efficiency in services delivery will lead to more income and bigger profit margins in the long run.

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