Fall Prevention Program Project

Students will research and develop a Fall Prevention Program for the safety of the elder. The project will outline the goals and interventions, marketing plan, and estimated cost of the program.

You will work in groups of two and create a Falls Program for an imaginary institution. The choice of institution is yours to decide. You will be given the latest industry clinical standards, that are based on evidence-based evidence such as studies from peer-reviewed journals and a program on Powerpoint that will help clarify the important risk factors. From this material, and any other evidence-based, peer-reviewed, recent journals (within the last three years), you will create a Falls Prevention Program incorporating all the factors that you can find and creatively utilize them to use as interventions in your program.

The due date is on the calendar and students will select a partner and notify me of the date posted who their partner will be. If this turns into a chaotic scramble, I will assign the students that do not have a partner.

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