Effects of Drug Abuse on Adolescents

Effects of Drug Abuse on Adolescents

Every year, at a quickening rate, social progressions determined by engineering impacts us individually as well as our family, group, city, country, and the world. What does this need to do with Drug use and/or misuse? Exactly as gadgets persistently develop, drug use takes after comparable way of development. Individuals in the public arena use drugs to adapt to the pressure exuding from the social change, other get dependent by sitting in drug abusing society, number of them get impact by media, and the vast majority of them get compulsion by modelling their guardians (Hanson, Venturelli & Fleckenstein, .2012).

Ideally the age in which medical science emphasize on taking a healthy diet for proper nourishment of blood and bones, teenagers get indulge voluntarily or involuntarily in drug abusing habits. Besides its harsh effect on individual’s psychological and physiological health, it is the matter of the whole nation like our developing country Pakistan in which teenagers are expected to be extraordinary responsible for the well-being and upcoming back bone of the nation. Drug use has been distinguished as a significant open wellbeing issue in Pakistan. As indicated by a review in 2005, there are around 3.5 million drug abusers, and the numbers are rapidly increasing at a yearly rate of 7%. From one of the overview of drug abusers among distinctive age group, 22.4 % of youngsters were included in drug abuse (Ali et al, (2011). The drug abuser may expect or see the significance of Drug use as the accomplishment of pleasurable sentiments, expanded social associations (diminished restraint), physical progressions or evasion of withdrawal manifestations in somebody who is reliant on drug and modification of their mental condition to a more attractive state (idealism).


As far as open wellbeing, teenager’s substance utilization issue has broad social and financial implications. The various unfriendly results connected with high school drinking and substance utilization issue incorporate deadly and nonfatal wounds from drug and alcohol related vehicle accidents, crimes, suicides, dangerous sexual practices, savagery, and psychiatric issue. The most common drugs which are used by teenagers in Pakistan are, Cocaine, alcohol, smoking, cannabis, barbiturates, heroin and ecstasy (Ali et al., 2011). According to National Institute on Drug Abuse (2013), Some of the effects which drugs cause on physiological and mental health are Increased tactile recognition; euphoria, consideration, judgment, coordination and equalization, expanded heart rate, expanded ravenousness schizophreniform issue, impeded transient memory, bronchitis, magnified tachycardia and impact on circulatory system, intensified hindrance of cognitive, psychomotor, and driving execution, Irritability, Chronic cough, odd bad dreams, and tension, Euphoria, dry mouth, warm flushing of skin, substantial feeling in furthest points, interchange attentive and sleepy states, sickness, tingling, discouraged breath, lung and upper aviation route carcinoma is undetermined. A 17 year old male patient was admitted in ward under treatment of lungs tumour, upon taking history, he revealed that he was a chronic smoker and using cannabis since 12 years of age, on further investigation on drug addiction he declared the reason of addiction was his father who was a chain smoker as well as a chronic alcoholic abuser. Moreover his acquaintances were also involved in smoking and alcohol consummating behaviours. The family and companion gathering have been recognized as two of the most essential components in understanding immature substance use. Parental impacts have likewise been discovered to be noteworthy indicators of teenager tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, counting the way of parental supervision and observing (David. 2005). Most of the time parents get so busy in their official and house chores that they could not be able to give proper attention and care to their children which can bring a wide gap between parent child relation and the child ultimately get prone to vulnerable society. Most of the teenagers indulge in drug abusing behaviours due to feeling of inferiority. For improvement in self-esteem some low self-esteemed teenagers starts using drugs, which describes that depressive symptomology initiates drugs use (Eva et al., 1987). Teenagers are getting victim of drug abuse globally. According to Hanson, Venturelli & Fleckenstein, (2012) the current illegal drug use in United States were: 9.8% in the West, 8.2% in the Northeast, 7.1% in the South and 7.6% in the Midwest. Seeing smoking in movies can just increase the risks three times more that an immature will have a go at smoking. In an investigation of New England youths, the individuals who saw the most measure of smoking in motion pictures were 2.7 times more prone to have a go at smoking contrasted with the individuals who saw the slightest measure of smoking. (Dalton et al., 2003).


Teenage is a time period where a pre-schooler enters into social world and physiologically and psychologically changes occurs. As we understand that family structure is a significant predictor of adolescent substance use, even after controlling for family process variables and other factors. Some of the points of considerations are that when a child enters into pubertal stage they must be approached differently than elder adults considering their understanding and mental level. Individual teaching to friends and family, nursing campaigns for awareness of consequences of drugs, community level workshops, use of social media like news, radio, television an internet and organizing different teenage related health Programs should be take into account. Moreover, for treatment of adolescents in hospital settings and in community, we as a nurse must also need to be cautious about ethnicity, gender, stage of readiness to change, cultural background and disability status. Programs should be shape in a way that involves the teenager’s family due to its conceivable part in the roots of the issue and its significance as an agent of progress in the teenager’s environment. Negative effect of social media, poor attention of parents, and drug abusing society are the fundamental issues for spoiling teenagers and ruining their personal future as well as demoralizing the character of the nation globally. We all should bring hands together to vanish the burning issues from the society to live a healthy life.


Ali, H., Bushra, R., & Aslam, N. (2011). Profile of drug users in Karachi city, Pakistan.EMHJ,17(1).


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